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The pathologist Dr Antonucci offers in his clinic, in Iraklio Athens, the following services:

• Patient history
• Clinical examination
• Measurement of Blood pressure, Oxygen saturation and blood sugar.
• Rapid Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Detection test.
• Rapid dipstick test to diagnose urinary tract infection.
• Electrocardiogram
• Prescription of Appropriate treatment
• Prescription of Laboratory and Diagnostic Examinations
• Diet recommendations according to the pathological situation.
• Health Certificates (for participation in sports activities, Gyms, Swimming pools)

The pathologist Dr Antonucci is certified by EOPYY

The pathologist Dr Antonucci is planning home visits 24/7:
For those patients who are not having the physical ability to visit the clinic or who are experiencing an emergency, the the pathology Dr Antonucci is planning medical home visits 24/7 for examination and care. Dr Antonucci also offers in-home care for patients who need it as he works with experienced nurses who provide the necessary care to patients 24/7.

Some of the services provided by the pathologist Dr Antonucci on medical home visits are the following:

• Clinical assessment of the patient's health status
• Measurement of blood pressure, oxygen saturation, sugar, temperature
• Electrocardiogram
• Rapid Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Detection test.
• Rapid dipstick test to diagnose urinary tract infection.
• Emergency drug delivery
• Peripheral Catheter Placement
• Serum placement
• Subcutaneous and intramuscular injections
• Intravenous administration of medication
• Placement or change of urinary catheter and rhinotracheal catheter (Levin)
• Stomach lavage
• Aspiration of tracheobronchial secretions
• Dyspnoea Treatment with Aerosol Nebulizer Device (Nebulizer)
• Low and high enemas

Contact now the phone number +30 6974373125 for appointments.

24/7 Medical home visits and in-home care are available in the following areas:
Nea Ionia
Nea Philadelphia
Agia Paraskevi
Nea Erithrea